Adminoid CMS

About Adminoid CMS

When creating the Adminoid CMS, I was inspired by the modx cms, with which I used to have worked. Made with Laravel and Vue.js.

This is a simple but extensible SEO-friendly content management system, based on tree-like data representation and management through TreeView, in which you can simply drag the page nodes for them moving.


  • Uri (page addresses) are automatically generated when you change or moving
  • If the page moves, the system remembers all past uri and automatically redirects through 301 redirects to the current address
  • Automatic generation of sitemap.xml
  • All pages are one eloquent object, but they can be extended, added new page types with additional properties and methods
  • The contents of the page are edited by default with wysiwyg summernote editor compatible with twitter bootstrap. Uploading images to editor occurs in a folder with the same name as the uri of the page to which owns the picture
  • The default template is implementing using the twitter bootstrap framework

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